Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Quotes" from my Dad

I thought that I would do a little different post this time. My father is a very smart man. I have learned many things from him, by example, through the years. Growing up I was always "the flashlight holder." This may not sound like fun, but it was. I would always help my father by holding the flashlight when he was fixing things such as cars, trucks, televisions, and many other items. These were very valuable experiences. I learned many things while holding this flashlight, Thank You Dad. I hope to be able to pass this on to my boys by having them help me fix things. Some of you may know this, but my father was a nuclear engineer and worked many years in nuclear power, but later in his career he worked with nuclear weapons, much more exciting, at Los Alamos National Laboratory, in Los Alamos, New Mexico. This was the location of the making of the first atomic bomb. Growing up my father would explain to us how a nuclear power plant functioned and in "great" detail. I really enjoyed listening, but some of my siblings would lose interest quickly. The thing I did not like about him telling us about work came later in his career. Yes! Los Alamos. My father could not tell us anything, other than he worked with weapons. Even now that he is retired, he can not tell us anything. I would really like to hear stories, but I understand the security behind this all. What I would like to do now is share some of my favorite quotes from my father over the years and perhaps by these quotes you might receive a little understanding of how I received a thinking mentality. I am thankful for having such a great father. And mother, "Look Out" you are next and in the works. Enjoy! These quotes may not be exact words, but close.

When speaking of why he could not sleep one night. "I could not sleep last night, because of the 10 to the 6th dogs barking, that's one million, by the way." (Sorry for the incorrect scientific notation, the blog does not allow superscripted exponents)

When speaking of rain. "I perceive that moisture has commenced to precipitate earthward."

When speaking of when the Sh!t hits the fan. "There is going to be a fecal-velenatory collision."

When speaking to me. "Do you know if you park your car facing north and south, it will be longer that when you park it facing east and west, but don't bother to measure it, the tape measure will do the same."

While visiting my grandmothers he knocked some nuts (nuts and bolts) off of the counter and as he picked them up he said to me, "It hurts when your nuts hit the floor."

When speaking of using his cars. "You can run them out of gas, but don't run them out of oil."

When working on an old Zenith Television set, back in the late 70's. Yes! I was holding the flashlight. "Don't touch the back of the picture tube, it has a lot of stored electricity and will shock you." ZZZAAAAAAPPPPPP! "Sh!t." As my fathers arm brushed up against the back of the picture tube.

There are many others, but I will leave it at these. Thank you for the fun times Daddy.


Lloyd said...

You learned some choice words way back then as you were helping Daddy. You always were a good one to help anyone---and you still are.
Thanks for the memories!!!!
Yo Mama

Scuttle said...

Those are so much fun. What good pieces of treasures you Dad is giving you.