Friday, April 30, 2010


If you're driving at the speed of light and get pulled over by one of your local police officers... What kind of fine are you gonna pay?? And believe me you are gonna pay... He/she isn't going to buy the line... "669,600,000 mph!! That's impossible, my car shimmies at 500,000,000 mph!"

And they are not going to believe the excuse that you didn't realize how fast you were going... "Didn't you notice the Blue Shift, son?"

Let's say your city charges $1 for every 1 mph over the speed limit. So if you were pulled over for doing 669,600,000 in a 35 zone you would be charged $669,599,965 + a (let's say) $33 court fee = $669,599,998. This does not include such subsequent fines as reckless operation, not wearing a seat belt, and DWI (Let's face it if you stopped for an officer while doing light speed, you'd have to be drunk. You'd be out of their jurisdiction in 0.00001 seconds)

A couple of other stats concerning a car capable of light speed. You'd flip the odometer in .537 seconds and need to change the oil every .053 seconds. I don't even want to get into the amount of gas it would use and at the current gas prices maybe a ticket isn't your first concern.

But just think... You'll be able to answer all those complicated questions... Such as...

If you're driving at the speed of Light and you turn your headlights on... What happens?

Turn your radio on... What station do you get?

Hit an on coming freight train?

Stick your head out the window?

Turn on the windshield washer jets?

Honk your horn?

Downshift into first?

Be the first to own a light-speed car...